The "30 Days In 90-Minutes" Content Creation System For Personal Brands

Get on-brand, original, engaging content out in high-performing formats (reels/shorts, visual and written), across social media that explodes your personal brand and online profile in 2023.



content is the currency of personal brands.



Content Creation Problems.

#1 Content Ideas: finding new relevant, trending topics and ideas that don’t fatigue your audience is mentally exhausting.
#2 Time: it takes countless hours every month to produce high-quality, branded, authentic and original content that stands out in the formats (like short-form videos) that social media demands.
#3 Editing & Design: finding and cutting video clips, then editing them, writing copy and designing “attention-grabbing” visuals is painstakingly tedious and requires attention to detail.
#4 Platforms, Uploading & Scheduling: circulating consistent content to your audience at optimal times in the best formats on the right platforms has so many moving parts. Then as/when new platforms emerge, how do you adopt early and stay ahead of the pack?
#5 Optimisation & Tags: creating content and failing to optimise for each social platform’s searches and algorithms can miss the target audience altogether.
#6 Monetisation: how do you get clients and paid opportunities from content marketing?

Food For Thought...

What is your time worth?
Where is your time best spent?
How would it feel knowing engaging content is going out every day no matter what?
How much will an industry-leading personal brand be worth to you in 3-5, even 10 years?
Imagine the lives you can impact by getting your value out to the right audience.

Content Creation Solution.

#1 Content Ideas: Our team uses VIDIQ to find the hottest, in-demand topics/problems your audience is actively searching to create relevant content every month.
#2 Time: We use a platform to extract your subject matter expertise on video in 90 minutes (once a month). Your content creation time ends here! It also keeps all the content original and authentic using your genius.
#3 Editing & Design: Our team extracts, cuts, edits and designs all your on-brand video, visual and written posts for social media.
#4 Optimisation & Tags: we use keywords, tags, titles and visuals to enhance each post’s performance for your target audience.
#5 Monetisation: we have private training to help extract paid opportunities (speaking, consulting, training etc) from your content.

the content creation system


Research & Extract

We ask questions (your audience is searching online) and extract original, authentic and engaging content that creates “wow” on social media.


Videos & Reels

We cut professional branded reels (videos) and repurpose written posts for social media leveraging the extraction process from step one.


Optimised & Scheduled

Your content gets optimised and scheduled in advance at active audience times to increase performance… it’s a set-and-forget system.



Extract paid opportunities (speaking, consulting, training etc) using our 5 monetisation strategies.


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